How to Auction

Get started with how to auction your Catgirl NFTs here!

Step 1: Select "Time Auction"

To begin your auction, select the "Time Auction" option, similar to starting a fixed price sell.

Step 2: Set Your Starting Price

Set your "Starting Price" to determine the initial bid for your auction. This is the amount that bidders will need to exceed in order to place a bid.

Step 3: Set Reserved Price

Set a "Reserved Price," which is the minimum bid amount required for the auction to complete successfully. If the bid amount does not reach the Reserved Price, the auction will end without a sale.

Step 4: Choose Auction Duration

Select a pre-determined or custom duration for your auction. This is the time period during which bidders can place their bids.

That's it! You've successfully started your auction. Bidders can now place bids on your NFT, and the auction will run for the duration you've chosen. Good luck with your auction!

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