How to Buy

Get started with how to buy your Catgirl NFTs here!

Step 1: Select a Catgirl

Start by browsing through the available Catgirls and select the one you wish to purchase. Hover over their card to see if it says "BUY" or "DETAIL" for more information.

Step 2: View Catgirl Details

Once you select a Catgirl, you'll be taken to the stats page where you can view the character bio, price history, offer history, blockchain data, and recent activity of the Catgirl.

Step 3: Confirm Price and Buy

After reviewing the details and deciding on the price, click on "Buy now" to proceed with the purchase. You'll then go through the Checkout prompt where you'll need to confirm the price and approve the transaction through your preferred wallet.

Step 4: Complete Purchase

Make sure you have enough funds for the Catgirl NFT, as well as any service/transaction fees that may occur. Once you confirm the transaction, congratulations! You've successfully purchased your first Catgirl NFT through our Marketplace!

Congratulations! You just purchased your first Catgirl through our Marketplace! Please take good care of her!

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