Intro: Staking

Just like in the world of cryptocurrency, staking is an important process in the Catgirl project.

By locking up your Cryptocurrency in return for something valuable, you can earn rewards and benefits within our ecosystem.

Connection to Ecosystem

In our ecosystem, you can stake the Liquidity Pool token of the CATGIRL-WBNB pair to obtain $PAW - a currency that is exclusively used within our platform. $PAW allows you to further your NFT Farming journey by "waking up" your Season Catgirls and unlocking their full potential.

Currently, generating $PAW through staking for NFT Farming is the primary use of this currency, but that's not all!

We have exciting plans for the future, including the release of features such as Raffle, which will incentivize holders to stake their BNB/CGC pair for a chance to win exclusive prizes and NFTs.

This means that staking not only allows you to earn rewards now but also opens up exciting opportunities for even more benefits in the future!

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