Intro: UniPaws

The goal of the UniPaws feature is to bring together anime/manga fans, NFT collectors, and gamers for a fun and exciting experience. It offers two main components: the Light Novel and the DIY Kemi projects that will be released in the first iteration of the UniPaws.

The Light Novel provides an immersive world for anime/manga lovers to join the Catgirls on a journey through UniPaws. With weekly releases, users can stay updated on the latest updates and developments, keeping them engaged and excited about what's to come.

The DIY Kemi is designed for NFT collectors to find a home for their Mae. With the use of your Catgirl NFTs, users can create highly customizable characters, known as Kemis', along with various Wearables to choose from in the Workshop. This allows NFT collectors to personalize their virtual characters and create a unique look. DIY Kemi provides a platform for users to express their creativity and create their own virtual companions in the UniPaws world.

Connection to Ecosystem

UniPaws connects many of our features in our ecosystem together. Season Catgirls play a big role in UniPaws where ALL your Season Catgirls will have utility in this feature to obtain your desired Base Character and Wearables to create your customizable Kemi.

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