Intro: Farming

Farming on is a purrfect way to earn passive income in the form of CATGIRLยข tokens by staking your Season Catgirls NFTs for a chosen period.

Simply connect your wallet, add your Catgirls to the farm, set the farming period, and enhance your power if you're feeling adventurous.

Once your farming period is up, you can claim your rewards with a few clicks.

It's important to remember that the "Approve" button only gives permission to send your Catgirls to the farm and not start the farming process. So, don't be furrocious if you don't see your rewards immediately!

Connection to Ecosystem

Farming is one of the main components of the platform utilities, allowing you to earn rewards with your Season Catgirls. It also closely ties in with Nekofuse, where you have a chance to obtain higher rarity Catgirls for even better rewards in your farming endeavors.

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