Mystery Box

Experience the excitement of the Mystery Box - the most common and thrilling way to obtain Season Catgirls within the entire Catgirl Ecosystem! Unbox the mystery and discover unique and charming Catgirls waiting to be added to your collection, making every unboxing experience an adventure.

Mystery Box Drop Rates

Curious about the drop rates? Here's what you can expect from our Mystery Box:

With each box offering a chance at obtaining a highly sought-after Paw-some Catgirl or other rarities, the excitement and anticipation are unparalleled!


But that's not all - your purchases have a meaningful impact on our ecosystem.

With 70% of the distribution funds going to our Farming Pool, you're contributing to the growth and sustainability of our platform.

Additionally, 25% of the funds are allocated to Product Development, ensuring continuous improvement and innovation.

And to keep things interesting, 5% of the funds are sent to the Dead Address for burning, contributing to the scarcity and value of token supply.

Experience the thrill of the Mystery Box, know your purchases are making a difference, and embark on an exciting journey to collect the most coveted Season Catgirls in our ecosystem. Don't miss out on the excitement - open a Mystery Box today and see what feline treasures await you!

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