Intro: Nekofuse

Feeling a bit unlucky with those Mystery Boxes?

At Nekofuse, we've got your back! Our cutting-edge system allows you to transform multiple lower rarity Season Catgirls into a higher rarity one, providing you with exciting opportunities for NFT fusion. But hey, don't worry about poor Mae, she might get a little too upset~ (Just teasing!).

With Nekofuse, you have the chance to obtain a higher rarity Catgirl NFT, up to Epic, in exchange for lower rarity Catgirls. The Success Rate of fusion greatly depends on the NYA Score of the higher rarity Catgirl NFTs you provide. Additionally, the season of the Catgirl NFT you obtain is determined by the amount of Catgirls with their respective season that you provide to the Fusion area.

Connection to the Ecosystem

Having higher rarity Season Catgirls also provides you with higher Farming Power in NFT Farming, leading to better rewards.

Nekofuse is a great way to obtain higher rarity Catgirls, which can be utilized to mint higher rarity Wearables in the UniPaws!

If that doesn't satisfy you, you can always hold on to your Catgirl and keep her safe, or trade your Catgirl in the Marketplace to find a new home for her. Explore the possibilities with Nekofuse in our exciting Catgirl ecosystem!

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