Intro: Marketplace

Welcome to the Marketplace! You're one stop shop for all your Catgirl NFTs and collectibles!

Marketplace Platform Fees

Platform fees will go towards Product Development, trading in CATGIRL will give you the benefit of 2.5% in fees while trading in BNB will be 5.0%!

To start off, our NFT Marketplace will exclusively cater to the fancy feline enthusiasts with our Catgirl Collectibles.

But as we expand, we plan to use this foundation as a springboard to create a cross-chain social and NFT trading network.

Our purrfectly adorable currency, CATGIRL¢, and Catgirl NFTs will rule the UniPaws throughout the platform.

Connection to Ecosystem

Marketplace's feature allows you to trade with others for Catgirl NFTs that you may have not been able to roll for in Mystery Boxes. Here you can buy to get more Common Catgirls for Nekofuse or trade for higher rarity Catgirls NFTs that you can use for Farming. You can even use your Catgirl NFTs to mint Base Characters/Wearables in the UniPaws.

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