How to Obtain $PAW

Get started with staking in our Catgirl ecosystem by following these steps:

If you have never heard of Liquidity Pair Token before:

  • Start here to learn about Liquidity Pair Token and its significance in our ecosystem.

If you have Liquidity Pair Token:

  • Start here to begin the staking process and unlock the potential of $PAW.

If you don't have Liquidity Pair Token (CATGIRL-BNB):

We'll start at the beginning and guide you through the process of creating a Liquidity Pair (LP Pair).

Choose your desired quantity of either BNB or CATGIRL¢, ensuring that you have the equivalent amount of the other currency.

For example, if you want to stake 3 BNB, you must have enough CATGIRL¢ to match the value of 3 BNB.

Once you have the matching amount of both BNB and CATGIRL¢, visit to stake and earn $PAW!

Now let's input our desired amounts of CATGIRL¢ or BNB. The other field will automatically match the amount entered.

Once you're ready, click the "Approve" button to allow the app to withdraw your CATGIRL¢.

Please note that this step only approves the withdrawal and does not initiate staking.

After approval, the "Add Liquidity and Stake" button will become available. Click on the button to begin staking and start earning $PAW rewards!

If you already have Liquidity Pair Token (CATGIRL-BNB):

This section is for users who already have Liquidity Pair Token.

Visit and click on the "Stake LP" tab.

Enter the amount of LP you would like to stake and click the "Approve" button to proceed.

Please note that the "Approve" button does not initiate staking. It is only used to approve the app to withdraw your CATGIRL-BNB Liquidity Pair tokens.

After you have approved, the "Stake LP" button will become available. Click on the button to start the staking process and unlock the potential of $PAW rewards!

Staking in our ecosystem is a simple and rewarding process. Join us today and start earning $PAW rewards!

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