How to Bundle

Welcome to the Bundling Process!

Here's how you can bundle your Catgirl NFTs for sale:

Step 1: Gather Your Catgirl NFTs

Head to "My Assets" and select more than 1 Catgirl NFT that you want to add to your bundle.

Step 2: Change Listing Type to BUNDLE

Once you've selected the Catgirl NFTs, you'll notice that the "Listing type" will magically change to BUNDLE.

Step 3: Set a Unique Bundle Name

Now you can set a unique name for your bundle using the "Bundle name" feature. Make it catchy and descriptive!

Step 4: Follow the Selling Process

Ready to sell? Just follow the same process as selling individual NFTs on the "How to Sell" page. Set your price, confirm the transaction with your crypto wallet, and you're all set!

Congratulations! You've successfully bundled your Catgirl NFTs for sale. Get ready to attract potential buyers with your unique bundle and make some sales!

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