How to Farm

Let's Get Started with Farming!

Step 1: Connect Your Wallet

Head to and connect your wallet to start farming. Make sure you have at least one Rare Season Catgirl or higher to participate in the farm.

Step 2: Adding to a Slot

Let's start by adding a Season Catgirl to the Tier 1 Slot. Choose the Catgirl you want to add and click "Add to Slot".

Step 3: Set the Farming Period

Now you can set the Farming Period for how long you want your Season Catgirls to farm. In this guide, we'll choose the 7-day option.

Step 4: Enhance (Optional)

You can enhance the Farming Power of all your Catgirls combined using Enhance, but we won't cover it in this guide.

Step 5: Ready to Farm

You are now ready to send your Season Catgirls to the farm! Click the "Approve" button first, and then the "Send to Farm!" button.

Please note that the "Approve" button does NOT initiate farming, it only gives the app permission to send your Season Catgirls to the farm.

Step 6: How to Claim

Once your Farming Period is complete, you can claim your rewards by clicking "Claim Rewards". Enjoy the fruits of your farming efforts!

Congratulations! You're now on your way to farming Catgirl NFTs and earning rewards. Happy farming!

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