How to Farm

Get started

Head over to and connect your wallet to begin farming.
You must have at least one Rare Season Catgirl or higher to participate in the farm.

Adding to a Slot

By default, the Tier 1 Slot will be available. Let's begin by adding a Season Catgirl to the Tier 1 Slot.

Unlock a Slot

If you would like to unlock a slot and add another Season Catgirl, you can do so by clicking on the "Unlock" button, or the lock icon.
You will be prompted to stake some CATGIRL¢ to unlock the slot.

Set the Farming Period

Now you should set the Farming Period for how long you would like your Season Catgirls to farm.
We will be choosing the 7 days option this time:


You may enhance the Farming Power of all your Catgirls combined by using Enhance. However, we won't be enhancing in this guide.

Ready to Farm

You are now ready to send your Season Catgirls to the farm! Begin by clicking the "Approve" button, and then the "Send to Farm!" button. The "Approve" button does NOT initiate farming. This is only to give the app permission to send your Season Catgirls to the farm.

How to Claim

After your Farming Period is complete, you can claim your reward by clicking "Claim Rewards".