How to Fuse

Step 1: Choose a Rarity

To begin the Catgirl fusion process, first, choose the rarity type you want to fuse. You can select between Common or Rare by clicking on the appropriate tab.

Step 2: Select Catgirls to Fuse

Next, start selecting all the Season Catgirls that you want to fuse, and click on the "Add to Fusion" button.

Step 3: Review

Now, we will review the Success Rate and the Season Chance. Take a moment to ensure everything looks good before proceeding.

🎉 Success! Or not... ☠️

Depending on your Success Rate, you will either be greeted with a Success Screen or a Fail Screen. Luckily, this time, we succeeded! We wish you luck with your fused Catgirl. Explore the exciting possibilities of Catgirl fusion with Nekofuse!

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