How it Works

What is $PAW?

$PAW, our non-transferable token, plays a crucial role in the Catgirl ecosystem, and here's what you need to know:

Obtaining $PAW:

$PAW cannot be purchased, but can be obtained by locking your Liquidity Pool tokens (CATGIRL-BNB pair) within our staking contract for a set period of time.

Utilities of $PAW:

$PAW has and will have several utilities throughout our ecosystem, such giving you access to exclusive benefits and rewards through upcoming features such as Raffle.

Maximum $PAW balance

The formula to calculate how much $PAW you can generate per day is:


Your maximum $PAW balance can be calculated as:


Withdrawal & Cancelling Liquidity Pair Token

Withdrawal Process: If you wish to cancel and withdraw your Liquidity Pair token, please note that you must wait for 14 days from the time you initiated the withdrawal.

Any attempt to withdraw more Liquidity Pair Tokens during the previous withdrawal cooldown period will reset the cooldown to 14 days.

However, you can cancel your withdrawal at any time and continue to generate $PAW.

$PAW is a valuable asset within our ecosystem, offering unique opportunities for earning rewards and accessing exclusive benefits. Join us in the Catgirl project, stake your Liquidity Pool tokens, and unlock the full potential of $PAW today!

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