How it Works

What is $PAW?

$PAW is a non-transferable token used within the Catgirl Liquidity Pool Staking Contract.
$PAW cannot be purchased and instead must be obtained by locking your Liquidity Pool tokens (CATGIRL-BNB pair) within the staking contract for a set period of time.
$PAW has several utilities throughout the ecosystem.

Maximum $PAW balance

The formula to calculate how much $PAW you can generate per day is:
The formula to calculate your maximum $PAW balance is:

Cancel & Withdraw your Liquidity Pair Token

Before you get your Liquidity Pair token back, you must wait 14 days from the time you initiated the withdrawal.
If you try to withdraw more Liquidity Pair Token during the previous withdrawal cooldown period, the cooldown will be reset to 14 days.
You may cancel your withdrawal at any time and continue to generate $PAW.